Divorce Party

by Jr. Meowzer

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4 songs about the year the world should have ended but didn't.


released July 15, 2013

Jr. Meowzer is, and always will be Julio, Ian, Joe and Dylan.

Recorded and mixed by Roland Szpond at Cloud 9. Mastered by Brock Haltiwanger. Additional vocals on Surf's Up - Amy. Roland also played guitar on various parts of "Surf's Up" and "Both and Below".

Thanks to friends, girlfriends, and parents everywhere. Fuck you D.S.



all rights reserved


Jr. Meowzer Orlando, Florida

homeboys being homeboys

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Track Name: Motel 7/11
I've got a suspicion. Don't tell me if I'm right. Don't drop any hints or look me in the eyes. I won't pay attention to things that I see. I'll try not to listen to what they tell me. And if I ask you, well, I know you can lie. Just like you've been doing for this whole time. I know that you know there were teeth marks on your neck, but I chose to believe they were from me. I know that you know there were scratches on your back, but I ignored them and I said nothing. And it hurts me to think about, to look back on all the times when you said you were too drunk to remember but you knew that wasn't right. Did you think I wouldn't find out, did you think I'd never know, that you were having sex behind the 7-11 while I was waiting for you to come home?
Track Name: Surf's Up
This year, everyone I know moved to Philadelphia or Chicago, and I wonder if it's worth it all...are you that bored or are you just boring? And I never listened to those records anyway. I never read the books on these shelves. Just keep pretending that this is who you want to be. Just keep on lying to yourself. You can prime yourself on Cometbus, learn your convictions from your new friends. But you can't change who you really are. I'm gonna be hear until we're sinking. And I never wanted a revolution anyway. I never cared enough to try. You'd run forever is you thought it meant something, and no one would ever ask you why. Is there nothing left worth writing for?
Track Name: Divorce Party
I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but somehow I fucked everything up. Oh, I had everything that I could want, but it's all over now, it's all gone. Oh darling I could be so good to you. It's easy when I try. I hate to admit it, but I wanted it too; now I'm alone tonight. Please try and forget me, I don't wanna be friends. It's eating my insides to see you again. Oh, I played it real cool for a few days, but at the last minute I made a mistake.

Out of the subway, and into the night. Walk back to your place, tell me it's all right.
Track Name: Both & Below
Another Saturday has gone without the repercussions I used to feel back when I had the time. Ironic how responsibility can make you miss when you were broke and lonely every night. Oh, it all keeps adding up, feels like I'll never have enough time for anything I want, and I'm getting tired. Why can't I ever get a fucking break? Cut the cord and turn the page, it's as much as I can take. I don't want to keep dragging on this way, but no one's gonna listen anyway. Another hour's passed and still it seems the clock's not moving. Why can't it do this when I'm sleeping in? I wanna dream of a vacation to a bigger city, but when I wake up I'm in hell again. And if every little piece fell exactly in its place, would this start to feel okay, would this anxiety be over? Cuz the days keep dragging on, and obligations got me down, but I knew that this was part of getting older.