Bum Whine

by Jr. Meowzer

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Jr. Meowzer is:

Julio - Drums
Dylan - Vocals/Guitar
Cass - Bass/Vocals
Joe - Guitar, vocals on "I Was a Teenage Girl in the 90s".

All music and lyrics written by Jr. Meowzer.

If you'd like a $3 physical cassette copy of this album, email us at jrmeowzer@gmail.com.


released March 22, 2012

Recorded by Matthew Aviles in March 2012.
Bandcamp cover photo by Jennifer Medina.
Tape cover by Cass.
Thanks to Ian Turner-Sanders for his good looks and all his help. Thanks Mark Bonner for his immense help with the tapes. Fuck you Sam Ash.



all rights reserved


Jr. Meowzer Orlando, Florida

homeboys being homeboys

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Track Name: Bring Back 1991
Been thinking about all the times that I have said, the way things are going here I'd be better off dead. Packing my bags, saying goodbye to my home, filling up the van because I'm gonna hit the road - I'm gonna get the fuck out - of this place, go on somewhere big and new, see the world, like I always wanted to. Forget my job, forget the things I have to do. It's all fun right now, this is what I want to do. So - let's have good times! Fuck off real life!
Track Name: Miss Ya
last time that i saw you, we were 300 miles away, in a ghosts town a year ago. standing over the water with a smile on your face, and i'm not sure if i, should tell you now. i know it doesn't make a difference anyways, i just hope you're doing well. when you're back home in chicago will you remember me, even though we both have someone else? this is not goodbye, just til we meet again.
Track Name: As If, Whatever
Wait! I can't believe the words you're saying to me. Is it right for you to be so nonchalant about it? Yeah, I've got all rights to be upset about it. So why are you crying when you know you're fine about it? Wait! You say that I've got nothing to worry about. As if, whatever you say would mean much to me now. It's not like you lied, you just didn't care at all. It was good for what it's worth, but now I'm peacin' out.
Track Name: I Was a Teenage Girl in the 90's
We're drifting away, we get more hateful every day, are these the plans that you had? I'm not being fake, I'm just not sure what choice to make, how did things get so bad? You're lying awake, while I pretend that I'm asleep, we never talk anymore. We both know what we want, but we're afraid that we are wrong and too proud to admit defeat.

So this is how we grow old - bitter and cold. Together but alone.
Track Name: October
It's hard to say if anything will come of this. For better or worse it's us until the end. Think of me as you raise your glass, cuz I'll be thinking of you as I fall asleep tonight. And in twenty years, when we're no longer young, I know we'll still be friends. For what it's worth, it's worth it all just to be right here right now. We'll carry on, working jobs we hate, hoping we'll come back here some day. And so for now, we'll be all right, as long as we don't forget tonight. It's hard to say those words with this smile on my face. To turn my back and walk away, remembering. If I had my way, I'd stay no matter what. But the best part of going home is the worst part of growing up.