Lob Law/ jr. Meowzer split

by Jr. Meowzer

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jr meowzer// ian, joe, julio, dylan

Lob Law's half can be found at loblaw.bandcamp.com
Tapes available through Rat King Records.

Kevin provided by Navy.


released April 3, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Roland Szpond at Cloud 9 in Orlando, March 2013. Mastered by Brock Haltiwanger at Audi-What-Ee Studios, California. Big ups to friends, favorite bands, and the crazy lady at the bahn mi shop. See you tomorrow.



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Jr. Meowzer Orlando, Florida

homeboys being homeboys

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Track Name: Everything Irie
Woke up again on the wrong side of someone else's bed and I put on my clothes, went to the sink, brushed my teeth with my finger. Got in my car, drove the seven blocks back to my own house and I went back to bed. There's nothing left here worth staying awake for. But I better get used to it, because home is a tough place to leave. And I'm sick of writing songs about going places; I'm just letting myself down so I'll just face it - If I'd have done all that I'd intended, I'd have a lot more time and a lot less friends, but you gotta give some to get it back; instead of sitting around making yourself sad. And I am on the edge of something perfect and beautiful. And I have wanted this for so long that holding on is all I know. Let go.
Track Name: Maybe, I'm an Anarchist!
I can't remember where I'm going, or if I'm ever coming back. It's a total fucking nightmare but it's too easy not to act. In twenty years I hope I'm happy and I'll remember how to laugh. But I'm holding on to something that keeps slipping through the cracks.

I'm getting used to failure. It's getting easier to wake up and not care. Still I miss when i was younger. When i could fall asleep at night and not be scared.

Track Name: Phonecalls to Senegal
If I was screaming when I saw you, it's because I can't control myself yet. Took so long to recognize you, cuz you look nothing like your senior portrait. Said "I'm sorry that I couldn't make it," but I had to stop myself short. 7:30 on a Monday morning, and I'm waiting for you at the front door. And I'll pretend that you're just on vacation, so I'm making phonecalls to Senegal. I know I know that you will never answer, but it feels nice to live in a dream world. So I'm sorry for the times that I told you "I wish I'd never see you again." Used to believe in throwing coins in fountains; now I'm older and I want my money back. I didn't mean to take you for granted, it's all part of being young and stupid. Wish I could say the past doesn't matter, but I'd be lying and I'd regret it. And I don't feel any different. Things change but they're still the same. Well I guess that this is it then - it's like you used to say - "I hope you're going somewhere where only palm trees grow. So when you're missing this life, you'll always think of home."